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Telemedicine Experience cited below: "I support your decision to close your office to in person treatments temporarily. One thing I know about you is your professionalism and intelligence in listening and observing what patterns are showing up.
I applaud your good sense in recognizing 'close calls' and returning to telehealth.
I have found the 2 telehealth calls to be very helpful. Personally, I start with TCM first as I find the approach effective and resonates well for my body.
Thank-you!" - C.M, Grand Junction, CO 2020

Telemedicine experience cited below: "Thank you Dr. Cahill, we are so thankful for all of your help." Family with COVID-19 did telehealth consultation and herbal treatment. JT. Grand Junction, CO 2020

"I began the San Fu Jiu treatment three years ago after a year of consistent colds and sinus infections. The winter after my first San Fu Jiu treatment I saw a dramatic decrease in illness. I received my second San Fu Jiu treatment the following summer and once again had an even greater decrease in illness. From my experience, the San Fu Jiu treatments had a positive affect on my life." -JYT, Grand Junction, CO multiple treatments 2014 to present

Telemedicine experience cited below: In March 2013, at age 53 I finally went to a pulmonologist because for about a year I was experiencing a chronic cough and shortness of breath. I am a therapeutic yoga teacher - I can't be having this kind of trouble. I teach breathing to people! At first I was diagnosed with COPD but after an x-ray, cat scan and an in-hospital biopsy, I learned that I had Sarcoidosis a disease involving abnormal collections of inflammatory cells that had formed lumps known as granulomas in my lungs. I was told that I was breathing at the age of 85 and there was no cure.  They could only treat symptoms. I tried many different inhalers and my symptoms got worse. I was told that I would not get better if I didn't do a year long course of steroids. Once I heard this I started doing research for alternative forms of healing.

I gave myself 90 days to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, I saw a chiropractor and I began looking for an acupuncturist who had knowledge of chinese herbs. One of the caregivers for my parents shared with me that her dear friend with Sarcoidosis had been helped by Debra Cahill.

From the first moment I started Debra's herbs prescription in March of 2014, I immediately could breathe better. I also had acupuncture treatments too. My lung numbers got better and within 90 days to the surprise of my pulmonologist I was breathing in the low range of normal. My numbers stayed in this area for several years until last summer I experienced Debra's three San Fu Jui Treatments. Again, after these treatments I felt immediately that I was completely normal with my breathing.

Back to the pulmonologist in November 2016 - my numbers are NORMAL! The Doctor shook her head.."chinese mushrooms and herbs -really? ", she laughed...yes and Debra Cahill! Thank you so much Debra for saving my life!!"
H.H. -  2014 to present

" I feel like a different person!" J.T. - Grand Junction, 2016

"With the acupuncture and Chinese herbs you prescribed for me, I was able to get through surgery and chemotherapy with minimal side effects and return to my former life and energy levels! I was not hospitalized during chemotherapy, and I am cancer free today with your help. Thank you!" T.H. - Grand Junction, CO  Treated many times during 2013

"I have had an auto immune disease that has affected my lungs for the past 17 years. The only treatment that Western medicine could offer was Prednisone and inhalers and the knowledge that I would someday be on oxygen.
I actually went to Dr Cahill for a back problem, but she said she could also address my lungs. I was doubtful that she really could help, but I was willing to give the treatments and herbal teas a try. Within five days, Deb had me off of all inhalers and my back was feeling much better. I followed all of Deb's directions, coming in for treatments when she told me and taking the teas and mushroom tincture as prescribed. I could feel myself becoming stronger daily.
It has been a year since I started treatment and now I am on a maintenance plan and doing well. My lung disease has resulted in severe bronchitis several times a year in the past. However, It has been a year and I have yet to have anything except for 1 mild cold that lasted for three days.
Since I have seen such a difference, I have told others that have the same disease as I have to give Oriental medicine a try. I have heard the same results from them. I highly recommend Dr. Cahill. She has made a tremendous difference in my life. She is always available for questions and is very understanding of my needs. I honestly feel she has added years to my life." G.K. - Grand Junction, CO treated by Dr. Cahill many times since 2013

“I had had no previous experience with oriental medicine when I began acupuncture treatments after a major surgery and during chemotherapy. I had already developed symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and was still healing from surgery. The treatments were beneficial in many ways. The neuropathy pain and numbness would be less for a couple of weeks after acupuncture. Chemo has many negative effects on the GI tract. Acupuncture alleviated these symptoms as well. Surgical menopause wreaks havoc on life……..I felt that hot flashes at night were reduced after treatments, enabling me to sleep more than 2 hours at a time. Deb is very thorough in finding the source of a complaint, not just treating the symptom. It is over 6 months since chemo ended and I still derive benefits from acupuncture such as alleviating fatigue, decreasing anxiety, decrease in joint pain, and reducing a neuropathy flare.” J.N. - Grand Junction, CO treated by Dr. Cahill many times since 2013

"I was at the Friday Acupuncture Clinic. (FAC) a couple of weeks ago. At that point, this was my 5th treatment at the clinic. Twenty minutes after I left that evening I noticed the ache in my neck was no longer nagging me, there had been a significant reduction of pain in the back of my neck. In fact , I expected the pain/ache in my neck to return after a day or so but, to my surprise, it has continued to improve with time and with a couple more sessions under my belt it has almost returned to pre-pain condition.
My neck has been bothering me for approximately 8 months. I've tried ointment, oils, rubs, heat etc. but none seemed to help improve my neck's condition....until I was treated by Debra Cahill.
Debra is conscientious, attentive and gives individualized treatment to each person depending on their needs.
My heartfelt thanks to an extraordinary person, whom, not only is helping me with my physical ailment but, as an added bonus, gave me a lift in my attitude."
J.C. - Grand Junction, CO Treated several times by Dr. Cahill in 2012-13

"The pain was so intense and sharp, a 10 on the pain scale. It was down to a 2 when I left your office. At that point it was more stiffness than pain. I have been to a lot of different healers, but you sure know how to move energy, lady."
"Sam" Elizabeth Hartley - Moab, UT Treated by Dr. Cahill one time in 2012

"When I left the hospital after discharge, I realized, (per usual), I wasn't given a plan. This time, I felt frightened about how I was left by the doctor, "Just come back if it happens again".
A friend recommended I see Dr. Cahill, who is an Oriental medicine expert. It was the best thing I could have done. She immediately put me at ease with her knowlege about my diagnosis, but also helped me with diet, helped me balance my body with acupuncture and herbs, but most of all helped me balance my physical, emotional, and spiritual self.
I highly recommend her, and plan to use her in the future. She is a very knowlegable and calming person."
Joyce Wilson, PhD, LISW
Treated by Dr. Cahill more than once in 2011

"I am healed! You are a miracle worker, this AM the swelling on my butt and foot where the patches were placed is gone! my ankle feels 80% better..... I am so happy, I hate when my body is injured and I can not do stuff, thanks so much."
Joe L. - Santa Fe, NM
One acupuncture treatment by Dr. Cahill after an acute injury in 2011

“Deb has a gentle but strong energy about her. She truly listens to me to help find a pro-active solution. Deb is not only knowledgeable in the arts of acupuncture but she also has a broad knowledge of Chinese herbs and medicinal diet techniques. I would recommend her any day.”
J. S. Santa Fe, NM
Treated by Dr. Cahill in 2008, more than once

“Debra has a fantastic bedside manner. She knows what she is doing and she does it well. She finds areas that need help like a chi-seeking missile and addresses them with gentle loving care.”
L. P. Santa Fe, NM
Treated by Dr. Cahill in 2009,  more than once.

“I came to Debra with acute constant Acid Reflux/GERD. Within a month's time of working with her, my symptoms have greatly reduced and I expect with continued treatment: diet, acupuncture, and herbs --I will not have this problem. Having been told by a Western Doctor to "just take Prilosec"-- for the problem, I am overjoyed with the results and the care Debra took. I highly recommend her work! She is wonderful.”
J. B. - Santa Fe, NM
Treated by Dr. Cahill in 2009, more than once

“Before I had my treatment on Saturday I was really very down but while I drove home I was singing! When my husband saw me he asked: "Who are you and what did you do with my wife?"  Thank you so very much for what you do to me! You are a miracle worker!”
Sonja and her M&Ms... (Mikki, Minnie, Maggie & Maximus)
Treated by Dr. Cahill in 2009, more than once.

“After appointments with quite a few acupuncturists in the past several years, with no positive results, I decided to give acupuncture one more chance with Debra Cahill DOM (Dr. of Oriental Medicine). She has treated my health issues with Chinese herbs and acupuncture and very pleasantly surprised me at the outcome especially with my arrhythmia condition where the results have been astounding. I very much recommend her. She is highly talented in her field and gifted with that intuitive touch that can not be taught.” December 16, 2010
Jeff B.
Treated by Dr. Cahill in 2010, more than once

Telehealth and Herbal Consultations

All of my current patients may reach me for telehealth consultations and herbal refills at the number listed below.

I am providing telehealth consultations for ALL of your health questions. There are many methods which may provide you with health assistance. Herbs, nutrition, lifestyle counseling, self care methods, to name a few. I will mail supplies to you as appropriate for your concern. 

Those who wish to schedule telehealth consultations, go to the Appointments page on this website. Please send me your contact information. I will contact you asap. I will then add you to the email list for future announcements.


​Dr. Debra Cahill, DOM, LAc
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Licensed Acupuncturist





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