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Meet Dr. Cahill - Dr. Debra Cahill, DOM, LAc

"My mission is to identify the patterns of dis-ease in the patient and to assist in the healing of that which is out of balance. My intent is to maintain sight of the highest essence of each individual and encourage them to rise to their true self while dropping all that keeps them from the realization of their innate wellness."


Dr. Cahill is a licensed acupuncturist (LAc) in Colorado and Utah, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM) in the state of New Mexico, and a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine licensed by NCCAOM, the national licensing organization for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
She completed her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine MSOM degree at Southwest Acupuncture College in New Mexico. This degree program includes a minimum of 2000 didactic hours and 1000 clinical hours. As a student and graduate, Dr. Cahill pursued additional herbal clinic hours and an internship that brought her total number of clinical hours to approximately 1500 hours.
Upon graduation, Dr. Cahill was hired as a Professional Consultant for Golden Flower Chinese Herbs, a major US manufacturer and distributor of Chinese herbal products and supplies. As one of the three DOM's (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) on staff, Dr. Cahill answered questions posed by other healthcare  practitioners, primarily concerning herbal medicine. She also participated in ongoing herbal research projects. Dr. Cahill held this position for four years.
Simultaneously, Dr. Cahill worked in several integrative clinic settings as the resident Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She has consulted with, received referrals from and co-treated patients with a wide variety of healers including; holistic MD, homeopathist, oncologist, kinesiologist, physical, occupational, massage and speech therapists. She also built her own private practice called Health Rising Wellness in Albuquerque, NM.
Dr. Cahill came to healing work after several personal health challenges, which were unable to be addressed by Western medicine. In 2000, a life-changing disability caused by a lightning strike injury, left her with a wide array of disabling symptoms. Debra turned to alternative medicine, which included her first experience with Oriental medicine. Her health improved through the use of many alternative healing treatments, most often acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicinals, dietary and lifestyle changes.
While in the last semester of her Oriental medical education, Debra was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. After surgery, she was unable to take the recommended chemotherapy protocol due to a potentially fatal cardiotoxic reaction. After being told by her oncologist that the only thing Western medicine could offer was to monitor her progress with testing, she continued her healing journey with the help of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, diet, various supplements, and mental/emotional/spiritual practices. She is now fortunately  cancer-free, as verified by testing. Both of these experiences have convinced Dr. Cahill of the awesome power of Oriental medicine and it's ability to optimize the body's own healing mechanisms.
Dr. Cahill moved back to her beloved Colorado in May 2012 and now serves her patients at her Grand Junction, CO clinic.  She is also treating patients part-time at her Moab, UT clinic location.
This is her true love; healing and changing people's lives by assisting their healing process of body, mind and spirit.
For more specifics on Dr. Cahill's background please refer to her Linked In page.

Areas of Specialization
Although a very wide variety of patients of all ages and a multitude of health issues receive relief with Dr. Cahill's treatments, some specialty areas have emerged.

  • Acute and chronic pain issues
  • Sports injuries
  • Women's health
  • Pediatrics
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Adjunctive cancer therapy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines

Dr. Cahill's devotion to the principles of Oriental medicine includes a strong emphasis on the use of herbs along with diet, and qigong (qi building exercise) to achieve the health goals which are set together by patient and doctor.

Schedule your appointment for a telehealth or herbal consultation with Dr. Cahill and take the first step toward renewed health and wellness today

Telehealth and Herbal Consultations

All of my current patients may reach me for telehealth consultations and herbal refills at the number listed below.

I am providing telehealth consultations for ALL of your health questions. There are many methods which may provide you with health assistance. Herbs, nutrition, lifestyle counseling, self care methods, to name a few. I will mail supplies to you as appropriate for your concern. 

Those who wish to schedule telehealth consultations, go to the Appointments page on this website. Please send me your contact information. I will contact you asap. I will then add you to the email list for future announcements.


​Dr. Debra Cahill, DOM, LAc
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Licensed Acupuncturist





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