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Chinese Herbs

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Chinese herbs are often used in conjunction with acupuncture for added therapeutic effect. While many cultures have herbal medicine traditions, the sophistication of Chinese herbal medicine is unsurpassed. Chinese herbal medicine has a long history reaching back several thousand years, and the resulting system is now used to treat everything from the common cold to certain types of cancer.

This ancient herbal system has been constantly evolving in to a modern sophisticated medical system. All herbs in the Chinese system are categorized by temperature, flavor, action and affinity for one or more meridians. One of the hallmarks of Chinese herbology is that herbs are rarely used singly. Most often herbs are combined into a harmonious formula in order to address multiple aspects of the person's complaint, treating both symptoms and the root causes of the symptoms. Using herbs in combination with one another in this way increases their safety and effectiveness. 

The Chinese diagnostic and treatment strategy seeks to correct imbalances by clearing excesses or supplementing deficiencies; warming what is cold, draining what is too hot; resolving what has accumulated, expelling pathogens, thereby correcting dysfunction and helping the whole person gain correct balance and  proper function. 

Chinese medicine treats the Person not just the Disease

The Chinese herbal treatment model emphasizes the individual constitution and circumstances surrounding the patient, rather than the named disease. In fact, a Western medical diagnosis is helpful, but not necessary, for correct treatment. Ideally, the practitioner uses a Chinese diagnosis to identify patterns of imbalance as they manifest and will alter treatment as those patterns transform. 

The Chinese herbal medicines are derived from whole plant parts, not isolated chemical extracts. Chemical isolates may be too harsh, over-riding the body's ability to participate in the healing process, causing undesirable push back symptoms from the body, commonly referred to as "side effects". The whole plant contains a "formula" of balanced chemical constituents within itself. Whole plant parts are much more likely to support and finely tune normal physiology and immune responses, without side effects.

Acupuncture and Oriental MedicineA Vast Herbal Pharmacy at my fingertips

There are thousands of herbs in the Chinese materia medica, of which about 300 are commonly used. My herbal pharmacy consists of hundreds of single herb granules and granular formulas which may be compounded to custom fit your condition. These granular formulas are easily mixed in to hot water and taken as tea. I also carry hundreds of herbal patent formulas in pills, capsules or topical treatments.  

Finally, the question that seems to always come up...
"Are Chinese herbs safe?"

I primarily buy from Golden Flower Chinese Herbs because I am very familiar with the quality, safety and effectiveness of these products. I was a Professional Herbal Consultant for four years with this company. I know that their quality assurance and third party verification is at the pinnacle of the herbal industry.  Here are some specifics about Manufacturing, Safety and Quality Assurance.



Telehealth and Herbal Consultations

All of my current patients may reach me for telehealth consultations and herbal refills at the number listed below.

I am providing telehealth consultations for ALL of your health questions. There are many methods which may provide you with health assistance. Herbs, nutrition, lifestyle counseling, self care methods, to name a few. I will mail supplies to you as appropriate for your concern. 

Those who wish to schedule telehealth consultations, go to the Appointments page on this website. Please send me your contact information. I will contact you asap. I will then add you to the email list for future announcements.


​Dr. Debra Cahill, DOM, LAc
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Licensed Acupuncturist





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